ESF-EMBO Konferenz über Bakterielle Netzwerke (BacNet15)

ESF-EMBO Conference on Bacterial Networks (BacNet15),
Sant Feliu de Guixols, May 9-15, 2015;
'Visual Communication in Science',

The biannual International BacNet Conferences have become the most important European Conferences in Molecular Microbiology. With a focus on regulatory networks, BacNet brings together around 180 established researchers as well as young scientists from molecular microbiology, bacterial systems biology and synthetic biology.

The scientific sessions will be complemented by a Science&Society session. After introducing such a session at BacNet in 2013, which was such a success that it was decided to establish Science&Society sessions on conferences as a new funding line, the Science&Society session at BacNet in 2015 will focus on 'Visual communication in Science', which will be presented from the perspectives of a philosopher and science historian (Dr. Joachim Schummer) as well as of an artist (Pinar Yoldas). Joachim Schummer will analyse the role of microscopic images and problems associated with their use for communication within science as well as with the public where scientifically questionable images are used to popularize e.g. nanobiology and synthetic biology. Pinar Yoldas will report from her project 'An Ecosystem of Excess', which uses an artistic imaginative approach to highly efficiently draw the attention of the public to the problem of plastic pollution of the oceans, which not only has desastrous consequences for all living beings there, but in fact also leads to new microbial ecosystems.

Hengge, Regine Prof. Dr. (Details) (Mikrobiologie)

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