ESF Exploratory Workshop "Putting Science on the Air in Europe, 1920s to 1980s"

The workshop aims at exploring key issues of science communication in the 20th century. As it were primarily radio and television that created the prevalent experience of a "knowledge society" both history of science and media studies need to extend their current foci, i.e. beyond restrictions to print and the19th century and towards attention to the fields of science and technology, resp. The different political, economic and cultural forces that interacted in this "scientification" of the European societies can be exhibited and analysed fully only by investigating the processes of putting science on the air in comparative studies.

Schirrmacher, Arne PD Dr. (Details) (Wissenschaftsgesch. /Schwerpkt. Bild.u.Org.d.Wissens 19./20.Jhd.)

Projektstart: 01/2012
Projektende: 08/2013

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