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ISCH Action COST IS1001

Bio-objects and their boundaries: governing matters at the intersection of society, politics, and science
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Europe seeks to become the most dynamic knowledge-based economy of the globe, and the production and circulation of “bio-objects”, such as stem cells, chimera, tissue samples or genetically modified organisms, play a key part in this endeavour. This Action develops novel interdisciplinary tools based on a range of evidence that will improve our understanding of “bio-objects”, their production and governance. The core questions answered through this COST Action are: how are the boundaries between human and animal, organic and non-organic, living and the non-living opened up?; how do bio-objects change social relations?; how does the public-private interface shape the making of bio-objects?; and finally, how does the governance of bio-objects perform at different levels, from the level of the European Union and its Member States to the sub-political level, and finally in clinics and laboratories?

Principal investigators
Bock von Wülfingen, Bettina Dr. phil. (Details) (Cultural Theory Specializing in Gender Issues and History)

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Duration of project
Start date: 06/2012
End date: 08/2012

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