China's climate and horticulture science sectors

The main aim of this project is to build the capacity of scientists and stakeholders in China's climate (NCC, Dr Jiang Tong) and horticulture science sectors (CAAS, Prof Qiao Xiansheng) to develop effective actions for adaptation to climate change impacts in the fruit production sector and to prepare proposals for collaborative research.
Joint future research will be focused on climate related damages on fruit trees, possible adaptation strategies for fruit growers and on costs of climate change in the Chinese fruit growing sector. Latest experiences in this field of research from Humboldt-University will be considered, adapted and advanced for the Chinese conditions. In the future long-term joint research initiatives on this topic are planned.

Principal Investigators
Chmielewski, Frank-Michael Prof. Dr. (Details) (Plant Cultivation)

Duration of Project
Start date: 12/2009
End date: 09/2010

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