Automatische Multispektral-Gewebeanalyse für die Chirurgie

During surgery, it is hard to differentiate the various tissue types and the clinician has to trust on his own experience and knowledge. We plan to develop a new automatic tissue differentiation tool based on multispectral imaging to analyse non-visible tissue properties during surgery in order to present the clinician additional information about the tissue augmented into the view of a microscope/endoscope. This will reduce the risk of patient damage and thereby speed up surgeries.

Eisert, Peter Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Details) (Visual Computing (S))

Beteiligte Organisationseinheiten der HU
Visual Computing (S) (OKZ: 331355)

Projektstart: 05/2018
Projektende: 04/2020

Informatik, Interaktive und intelligente Systeme, Bild- und Sprachverarbeitung, Computergraphik und Visualisierung


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