Conference: Collective Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Active Matter Systems (Workshop: 25.11.-27.11.2009, Berlin)

Das Projekt gilt der Durchführung eines Workshops:

Title: Collective Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Active Matter Systems.

Organizers: M. Bär (PTB), P. Romanczuk (HU), L. Schimansky-Geier (HU).

Abstract: The workshop shall address current topics in the study of active biological and soft matter systems in particular collective dynamics and patterns in aggregates of bacteria and related microorganisms as well as phenomena in animal swarms, flocks and herds and condensed matter out of equilibrium like driven granular matter. Modelling aspects and fundamental issues of the statistical physics of active matter systems shall be discussed.
In recent years, the theoretical understanding of active matter has been
considerably advanced by using continuum models and agent-based simulations. In parallel, a large amount of experimental observations in active matter systems have been made and related specific models have been constructed. Our goal is to discuss similarities and differences between these systems as well as universal aspects of active matter. Key topics will be:

Continuum descriptions vs. particle-based models,
Pattern formation and phase transitions,
Hydrodynamics of active matter,
Cell Motility and Transport in Cells.

Zeit: 25-27.11.2009,

Ort: Berlin, Bernstein Center für Computational Neuroscience Philipstraße.

Principal Investigators
Schimansky-Geier, Lutz Prof. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Theoretical Physics / Stochastic Processes)

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2009
End date: 12/2009

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