CRC 626/3: Poetics of Improbability

In modernity the poetological status of improbability is linked with an experience of increased contingency. This status does manifest itself as a test on the stability of existing orders of knowledge. Using the works of Alexander Kluge and Hubert Fichte as examples, the research project investigates on the one hand how the intertwining of fiction and documentation refers to a perplexing eventness. This eventness raises questions of decision and competence and reveals the reflexive potential of aesthetic experience. On the other hand the focus lies on a transfer of poetic and media strategies, which dissolves the unity of forms of representation and emphasises surprising moments of passage and rupture between different genres, discourses and aesthetic practices.

Principal Investigators
Vogl, Joseph Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Collaborative Research Centres - Participations)

Participating external organizations

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2011
End date: 12/2014

Research Areas
General and Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

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