HU-Institutional Strategy: Caroline von Humboldt-Scholarships

The Caroline von Humboldt Grant Programme provides female PhD students and graduates with flexible grants. Women often face particular challenges over the course of their academic career. In order to help them meet these challenges, the Humboldt-Universität’s Institutional Strategy provides completion, return and transitional grants to excellent female PhD students. These grants are tailored to their needs. The primary aim is to offset difficult personal circumstances such as illness or care work. Short-term grants provide outstanding graduates with interim funding for the phase between graduating and the start of their PhD funding. The International Research Award allows excellent female PhD students to study abroad. It gives them the opportunity to conduct research for several months at a university abroad that is particularly renowned in their research field. The aim is to promote empowerment, which is important in an academic career, and to allow the students to develop and expand their network with other academics. Finally, the Women’s Travel Award (WTA) is aimed at female graduates or female students nearing the completion of their degree who wish to take part in a structured PhD programme at Humboldt-Universität. The award is a one-week visit to Humboldt-Universität, during which the recipient has the opportunity to gain extensive insight into the programme she is invited in.

Principal investigators
ZUKO, 3. Säule (Details) (zentrale Frauenbeauftragte / 3. Säule)

DFG-Exzellenzinitiative: Zukunftskonzepte

Duration of project
Start date: 11/2012
End date: 10/2017

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