Volume "Religion and Democracy. Studies in Public Theology". Series "Ethics and Society", vol.3, ed. by Torsten Meireis and Rolf Schieder, Baden-Baden: Nomos-Verlag

Introductory volume by members of the newly founded Berlin Institute for Public Theology.
The book aims at an interdisciplinary, ecumenical and interreligious assessment of current challenges in religion and democracy. All contributions originate from the newly founded Berlin Institute for Public Theology and present a first overview of the BIPT's work.
Authors: Torsten Meireis, Rolf Schieder, Andreas Feldkeller, Marcia Pally, Mouez Khalfaoui, Matthias Möhring-Hesse, Florian Höhne, Clemens Wustmans, Christine Schliesser, Eva Harasta.

Principal investigators
Meireis, Torsten Prof. Dr. (Details) (Systematic Theology Specializing in Ethics and Hermeneutics)

Privat/ Mittelgeber alte Bundesländer

Duration of project
Start date: 11/2016
End date: 07/2017

Research Areas
Political Science, Theology

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