HU Institutional Strategy: Theology of the Reformed Confessions (Funding Line Creating Opportunities)

As part of the project a monograph on "Theology of the Reformed Confessions" will be published. The book will analyse the historically rather different normative texts, on which the Protestant Churches relate to, thus by a methodical and textual new approach towards the question of the relation of autonomous religious enforcement and heteronomous teaching. The aim is to show that the texts are misunderstood, if they are interpreted as heteronomous limiting standard of faith; the meaning is rather to allow “free confidence in life”. This implementation of the "free confidence in life" should be rendered as a lifestyle as well as a criterion of truth of the texts and established in its formative cultural relevance.

Principal investigators
ZUKO, 3. Säule (Details) (Präsidialbüro / 3. Säule)

DFG-Exzellenzinitiative: Zukunftskonzepte

Duration of project
Start date: 04/2015
End date: 08/2017

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