HORTINLEA – SP10 Gender Order: Embedding Gender in Horticultural Value Chains to Close or Reduce the Productivity Gap

This crosscutting subproject intends to empirically understand the gender dynamics in the horticultural value chain. It will investigate the changes within gender arrangements, in the division of labour and in productivity (productivity gap) that take place when a shift from a subsistence economy to a more market and partly export oriented production system takes place. Considering the important role of women in agriculture and horticulture with their overall contribution to food security, this project regards gender analysis and learning as important for understanding the complex interrelationship between food production, resources management and social relations.

Bauhardt, Christine Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Gender und Globalisierung, Transformationsproz. im ländl. Raum)

Projektstart: 07/2013
Projektende: 12/2018

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