DFG Research Grant: Template Directed Synthesis of Complex Monomer Sequences in Chain-Growth Polymerizations

Nature obtains highly complex and functional structures by exerting an extremely high degree of control over the monomer sequence in biopolymers. This projects aims to develop a method by which more control can be exerted over the monomer sequence of polymers synthesized by chain-growth polymerizations. The synthesis of polymers with complex monomer sequences will be accomplished by using supramolecular interactions (hydrogen-bonding, metal-ligand coordination, etc.) to assemble monomers into well-defined complexes with template molecules. The polymerizable units will be located close together in these complexes, thereby favouring the incorporation of the desired monomer sequence. Tuning the reactivity of certain monomers, whereby introducing a tendency toward alternating copolymerization, will increase the complexity further.

Principal Investigators
Börner, Hans Prof. Dr. (Details) (Organic Synthesis of Functional Systems)

Duration of Project
Start date: 02/2015
End date: 12/2018

Research Areas
Polymer Materials, Preparatory and Physical Chemistry of Polymers

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