DFG-Research Centre "Mathematics for key technologies - MATHEON": Teachers at universities (TP G 3)

In the year 2001, the "Berlin Network of Schools Specializing in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences" was founded by the Department of Mathematics of Humboldt University, the Berlin Senate's Administration for Education, Youth and Sports (SenBJS) and three Berlin high schools (gymnasia) having a distinguished mathematical profile in their education program; meanwhile a fourth high school joined the Berlin Network. The main motivation for creating the Berlin Network was to increase and systematize the furtherance of mathematically talented high school students and the cooperation with their teachers. As a consequence we hope to influence the mathematics education in Berlin as a whole, as well as the image of mathematics in the public at large. The general goal of this project is to intensify the cooperation between high schools and universities in Berlin, in particular the cooperation with the Network Schools. A key element to achieve this goal is the delegation of three teachers to the university; one delegation is funded by DFG, whereas the other two are funded by SenBJS. A stronger practice-orientation of the teacher students' education at the university has been achieved by integrating the delegated teachers into the courses at the university and by offering to teacher students to head study groups in schools in cooperation with teachers. Furthermore, we intend by this project to integrate the Berlin Network into Matheon and spread applied mathematics, as treated in Matheon, into schools and thus to the public at large. On the other hand, the teachers cooperating with the DFG Research Centre in this project at Humboldt-University make a valuable contribution towards providing future teachers with a more practically-oriented training. These teachers bring their professional experience to bear directly in the didactic training of the students. By closely cooperating with them, the scientist's awareness of everyday school life is increased.

Principal Investigators
Kramer, Jürg Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Research Centre 86 'Mathematics for Key Technologies: Modelling / Simulation and Optimization of Real-World Processes')

Duration of Project
Start date: 06/2002
End date: 05/2014

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