EU: Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Memory Elements for Integration of Electronic and Photonic Circuitry (HYMEC)

The objectives of the project HYMEC are to resolve fundamental issues of materials science and to realize new hybrid inorganic/organic devices constitutes by inorganic metal nanoparticles NPs embedded in matrices of conjugated organic materials, as non-volatile memories NV-ME with a substantial extension of existing NV-MEs functionality, i.e., optical addressing of devices in addition to purely electric.

Principal investigators
Koch, Norbert Prof. Dr. techn. (Details) (Structure, Dynamics and electronic Properties of Molecular Systems)

Europäische Union (EU) - HU als Koordinator

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2011
End date: 09/2014

Research Areas
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research Areas
Experimentelle Physik, kondensierte Materie

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