Berlin Electron Microscopy Network (BerlinEM Network) – Advanced Electron Holography of Nanostructured Semiconductors

A network for electron microscopy of nanostructured semiconductors shall be established in which different universities and research institutes in the greater Berlin area will actively interact. This network shall include both electron microscopy laboratories as well as producers of semiconductor nanostructures. The starting point for this network shall be a core facility for electron holography in which state-of-the-art electron holographic characterization of strain, charge concentration, electric fields and similar properties will be offered. Different kick-off projects with various network partners are defined which will serve as seed for long-lasting cooperation within the network. Ultimately, the range of electron microscopy characterization techniques covered by the network will be expanded beyond electron holography. The application of cutting-edge characterization techniques to highly relevant problems will help the network and core facility for electron holography to establish national and international visibility.

Principal investigators
Koch, Christoph T. Prof. PhD (Details) (Experimental Physics / Structural Research and Electron Microscopy)

Participating external organisations

DFG: Sachbeihilfe

Duration of project
Start date: 08/2017
End date: 09/2020

Research Areas
Electronic Semiconductors, Components, Circuits, Systems, Mechanical Properties of Metallic Materials and their Microstructural Origins

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