This project proposal aims at establishing a long-term collaboration between Humbolt-University Berlin and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki that will promote research and education in the “hot” topics of age related falling and balance rehabilitation as addressed from a combined biomechanical and motor control approach. The proposed partnership builds on previous experience in the aging research stemming from both parties and promises to promote research and education in aging adopting a combined, interdisciplinary perspective to tackle the issues of age-related balance prob-lems and falling. The proposed partnership will not only advance age-related research leading to better understanding of fall incidence, but will enable the two universities to offer high quality educa-tion and practical skills to young students and researchers from both sides. Such skills could be transferred in research and clinical rehabilitation practice enhancing thus career development and employment opportunities in the young generation.

Principal Investigators
Arampatzis, Adamantios Prof. Dr. (Details) (Trainings and Movement Sciences)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2017
End date: 12/2019

Research Areas
Modulare Kontrolle und lokomotorische Adaptation

Patikas, D.A., Papavasileiou, A., Ekizos, A., Hatzitaki, V., Arampatzis, A. (2019): Swaying slower reduces the destabilizing effects of a compliant surface on voluntary sway dynamics. PLoS ONE 14 (12): e0226263.
Sotirakis, H., Hatzitaki, V., Munoz-Martel, V., Mademli, L., Arampatzis, A. (2019): Center of Pressure Feedback Modulates the Entrainment of Voluntary Sway to the Motion of a Visual Target. MDPI Applied Sciences, 9, 3952; doi:10.3390/app9193952.

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