Single-shot spectrometer for time-resolved simultaneous Vis- and IR measurements

The aim of this project is the set-up of a novel end-station at the IRIS-beamline of BESSY II for simultaneous, microsecond time-resolved infra-red- and UV/Vis-spectroscopy of non-cyclic systems. The station will be used for first experiments in the fields of life-science (structure and functional relations of proteins), of renewable energy and material science (catalytic water splitting) to demonstrate the performance of the new set-up. The project is a continuation of the „Single-Shot-IR“-project where a μs time-resolved dispersive infra-red spectrometer has been developed. This device will be adapted to the beamline and extended for a broader spectral range in the infra-red region and for simultaneous UV/Vis measurements

Principal Investigators
Hegemann, Peter Prof. Dr. (Details) (Head of Department / Secretary)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2016
End date: 12/2019

Research Areas

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