HU Institutional Strategy: Law and Society Institute (Kick-off Funding Line)

With the institutional expansion of the Law and Society Institute Berlin (LSI Berlin), HU’s Faculty of Law aims to promote its interdisciplinary profile. The LSI will become a place for interdisciplinary research on law and sociology of law. It will give young researchers the chance to conduct their own research, to participate in shaping the Institutes agenda and to sharpen and evaluate their own research interests and results in an existing network of national and international contacts. Different types of events such as workshops, conferences etc. will facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange in view of research topics/fields and results with HU researchers, from national and international contexts as well as from jurisprudence and other scientific core disciplines. Publications from these events will add to LSI’s visibility. The institute will establish itself as a location for interdisciplinary research on law in Berlin. On a long-term perspective, it is planned to accumulate third-party funding.

Principal investigators
ZUKO, 3. Säule (Details) (Präsidialbüro / 3. Säule)
Kaiser, Anna-Bettina Prof. (Details) (Public Law and Basics of Law)

DFG-Exzellenzinitiative: Zukunftskonzepte

Duration of project
Start date: 09/2014
End date: 10/2017

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