Gendering MINT (STEM) digital

The joined project Gendering MINT digital with ALU Freiburg (part project I), the HU Berlin (part project II) und der Applied University Offenburg (part project III) targets the promotion of transfer knowledge between gender research, gender studies, and gender equity issues in STEM. On the longer run it will support a cultural change in STEM and its inter- and transdisciplinary intersections by enriching the still marginal inclusion of gender knowledge into STEM in close relation with approaches for gender equity.

STEM students may embark on self-learning on subjects that are rarely part of STEM curricula.
Our Part of the project Gendering MINT digital at the Centre for transdisciplinary Gender Studies (ZtG) at the Humboldt-University of Berlin develops a collection of open educational resources (OER) tailored to biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics students. These courses share a common emphasis on gender in STEM epistemic practices and cultures. They provide students with competence to reflect on gender aspects in knowledge production and technological developments in the particular STEM fields. STEM educators may enrich their teaching with insights from STS. The portal also includes an OER specifically aimed at students who are in training to become STEM teachers and another course tailored to people engaged in the domain of gender equity in STEM fields.
We develop our OERs in dialogue with collaborators in the respective STEM fields of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics. We are building on these collaborative expertise and experience as interdisciplinary hybrids.

The OER are accessible via our online portal “Gendering MINT digital” ( We test and improve our OERs by deploying them in existing STEM offline course by drawing on the principle of inverted classroom. The courses are enriched by animated white board videos, videos of expert statements and lectures, podcasts, quizzes, questions for self-reflection, and suggestions of how to deploy our OERs in University and college offline courses. The OERs will be made available under creative common licenses.

Principal investigators
Schmitz, Sigrid Dr. habil. (Details) (Gender and Science)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin


Duration of project
Start date: 12/2017
End date: 12/2020

Research Areas
Computer Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences

Research Areas
Critical Science Literacy, Digitization/Digitalisierung, Gender Studies

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