CRC/TRR 175/1: Quantitative Biology Experiments and Cloning Pipeline (SP Z01)

In the central scientific project Z1, we are bundling our efforts in quantitative biology approaches at the level of the individual projects, central acclimation kinetics, genetic screens and the identification of candidate mutations. In the new funding period, we will also provide absolute quantification of RNAs and proteins in tobacco chloroplasts, realise a DNA barcoding approach in Chlamydomonas to identify modulators of acclimation to fluctuating light and employ microbial adaptive evolution approaches. Moreover, modulators and integrators will be tested in the model crop Camelina sativa for their potential to optimise crop yield under challenging environmental conditions.

Principal investigators
Ohler, Uwe Prof. Dr. (Details) (Systems Biology of Gene Regulation (S))

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Duration of project
Start date: 07/2016
End date: 06/2020

Research Areas
Life Sciences, Plant Sciences

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