Construction of a test camera including SiPM, with regard to CTA

Investigation, if high-energy tau neutrinos (of energies 1-1,000 PeV) can be detected with the Cherenkov-Telescope Array (CTA) by searching for very inclined air showers. Preparatory work [D. Gora, E. Bernardini 33rd ICRC 2013] indicates that for a trigger efficiency better than 10%, the neutrino sensitivity of CTA can be comparable to or even better than the neutrino sensitivity of teh IceCube detector. With the next-generation of SiPM focal plane instrumentation for CTA, a realistic scenario comes within reach. Therefore, we plan to contribute to the effort of making SiMP camera technology available for CTA and to perform first effort towards the development of a dedicated trigger for the tau neutrino search. This is a pilot study of the multi-messenger era, bridging between the efforts of MAGIG/CTA and IceCube.

Principal Investigators
Bernardini, Elisa Prof. Dr. (Details) (Experimental Physics / Elementary Particles Physics I)

Duration of Project
Start date: 07/2014
End date: 06/2017

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