Der Erwerb von Voice-Alternationen von zweisprachigen Kindern (Griechisch-Deutsch)

This project investigates the acquisition of Voice alternations by bilingual German-Greek speaking children living in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as by monolingual German and Greek speaking children (aged 3-6 years). Specifically, the project focuses on the acquisition of reflexives "The boy combs himself", reciprocals "The children comb each other", anticausatives "The ice-cream melts" and passives "The fire was extinguished by the firemen". The main goal of the project is to find out whether bilingual children acquire the linguistic structures in question similarly to monolingual children and/or whether the one language accelerates or complicates the acquisition of the other language. For bilingual acquisition, it is important to know whether bilingual children exposed to the German language later in life (sequential bilinguals) are confronted with more acquisition difficulties than those being exposed to German from birth on (simultaneous bilinguals). For this reason, we also investigate age-of-onset effects. Last but not least, in order to be able to better understand and explain the child development it is important to compare child language with adult language (language input). For this reason, we do not only collect children data but also data from their parents as well as from their kindergarten teachers. The results of this project will enable us to make useful suggestions concerning pedagogical materials in teaching German for bilingual/multilingual children, facilitating thereby communication and social integration. This is the first study investigating the German-Greek population in German speaking areas and generally one of the few studies dealing with bilingual Greek speaking children elsewhere. In addition, this study is one of the first studies that focuses on the input of kindergarten teachers as well as one of the first studies investigating the development of the two languages of the bilinguals simultaneously.

Alexiadou, Artemis Prof. Dr. (Details) (Englische Sprachwissenschaft)

Projektstart: 10/2015
Projektende: 12/2016

Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, Typologie, Außereuropäische Sprachen

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