COUPLED. Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use

COUPLED is a four-year, European Training Network granted by the EC in Horizon 2020. We put the research approach of TELECOUPLING into action for solving sustainability challenges for land use. How to understand processes and actors that influence land use in an increasingly interconnected world? We train a new generation of young scientists to better integrate research, innovation and social responsibility.

Principal investigators
Nielsen, Jonas Ostergaard Prof. Dr. (Details) (Cultural and Social Geography)
Kümmerle, Tobias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Biogeography)

Europäische Union (EU) - HU als Koordinator

Duration of project
Start date: 01/2018
End date: 06/2022

Research Areas
Ecology and Biodiversity of Animals and Ecosystems, Organismic Interactions, Geography, Human Geography, Political Science

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