Active Plasmonic Nano-Antennas for Generating, Detecting, and Converting Quantum Light (ActiPlAnt)

In this project we will design, fabricate, test, and optimise new types of structures that control the emission, absorption, and conversion of photons from and to quantum emitters. Based on a fundamental understanding of the elementary processes we will demonstrate scalable designs of active devices that transmit, convert, and detect weak quantum light signals. More specifically, we plan to take advantage of and to combine several fundamental concepts as well as very recent technological developments to produce new types of nanooptical devices: we will combine the extremely large local field enhancements of deepsubwavelength plasmonic nano-antennas, the efficient coupling of local optical fields to free propagating ones provided by periodic surface-plasmon-polariton lenses, and the technological ability to accurately position single or few active nanoparticles (such as color centers in nano-diamonds, nano-crystalline quantum dots, and fluorescent molecules) at prespecified locations on the antenna, in order to enhance the emission and linear and nonlinear absorption of these nanoparticles. The resulting devices will be first demonstrators for future applications in quantum information processing, ultra-sensitive light detection or as light harvesting elements in photovoltaic energy conversion schemes. There are five specific objectives of the project which also represent the consecutive work flow of our collaborative approach: 1. Design, simulation, and optimisation of advanced antenna structures 2. Manufacturing of the devices described 3. Characterizing the performance of antennas on a subwavelength scale 4. Functionalization of antennas via positioning of nano-emitters 5. Operational performance of photon emitters, absorbers and converters.

Benson, Oliver Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Experimentelle Physik (Nanooptik))

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Einstein Stiftung Berlin

Projektstart: 07/2014
Projektende: 06/2017

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