Potential of Wind Energy in Urban Areas: Gaza City as a Case Study

This project contributes to a more stabilized, decentralized energy production in Gaza City to meet the strong energy demand, to lower the number of outages, and to mitigate the consequences of blackouts. For this purpose, it is analysed with wind sensors how suitable the flat roofs in Gaza City are as locations for small wind turbines. The main scientific goal of the project lies in the analysis of wind energy production in densely populated cities based on a measure-based study. Moreover, policy recommendations on the wind energy use in urban areas should be elaborated, which are derived from real measurements at different heights in Gaza City. Finally, the application of a small wind turbine on the roof of a residential building will be evaluated.

Principal investigators
Ritter, Matthias Prof. Dr. (Details) (Quantitative Agricultural Economics especially Applied Econometrics)

Participating external organisations


Duration of project
Start date: 03/2017
End date: 02/2019

Research Areas
Erneuerbare Energien

Elnaggar, M., Edwan, E., Ritter, M. (2017), Wind Energy Potential of Gaza Using Small Wind Turbines: A Feasibility Study. Energies 10(8), 1229.

Mansi, G., Edwan, E., Elnaggar, M., Ritter, M. (2018): Design of COTS Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Urban Areas. Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Promising Electronic Technologies (ICPET), IEEE.

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