ERC: Transforming Migration: Transnational Transfer of Multicultural Habitus (TRANSFORmIG)

The TRANSFORmIG project entails interdisciplinary, multi-method research in selected localities in Great Britain, Germany and Poland. Spanning sociology, anthropology, history and media studies, the project investigates with the help of a longitudinal qualitative study, individual and group interviews, ethnography and discourse analysis how people’s attitudes and skills to act in diverse societies change over time and in dependence with historical and contemporary conditions.Findings will significantly advance social scientific understanding of the processes of transnational transfer of values and attitudes and the spread of intercultural competences under the condition of growing diversification of societies.

Nowicka, Magdalena Prof. Dr. (Details) (Direktor(in) / Sekretariat)

Europäische Union (EU) - Monoprojekt

Projektstart: 03/2013
Projektende: 02/2018


Migration, Soziologie

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