Effects of informative tutoring feedback on in-service teacher candidates professional competencies in using external representations in science education

Teachers‘ knowledge and beliefs are a substantial part of teachers’ professional competence and have an influence on the realization and thus the success of instructional processes. The second phase of teacher education is presumed to be a decisive phase within teacher training, in which the in-service teacher candidates need support for the implementation of theoretical knowledge in practical teaching situations. Especially the use of multiple external representations for depicting biological and chemical phenomena and processes in teaching and learning materials is a demanding task for in-service teacher candidates. It has not been sufficiently investigated yet, how in-service teacher candidates can be supported in terms of subject-specific as well as educational aspects concerning the use of multiple external representations in teaching and learning material. With the present research project effects of different forms of feedback on the professional competence of in-service teachers are investigated experimentally. The focus of our research interest lies in the content knowledge, the pedagogical content knowledge and the beliefs about teaching and learning biology and chemistry with multiple external representations. Test persons are in-service teacher candidates with the subjects biology and chemistry. It is expected that especially informative tutoring feedback, which is a combination of internal (self-assessment) and external (external assessment) feedback, has a positive effect on the professional competence regarding the use of multiple external representations.

Principal Investigators
Schwanewedel, Julia Prof. Dr. (Details) (Department of Education Studies)
Ropohl, Mathias Prof. Dr. (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Duration of Project
Start date: 12/2017
End date: 11/2020

Research Areas
General and Domain-Specific Teaching and Learning

Research Areas

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