SFB 658 I: Structure-switching relationships in ordered covalent and non-covalent mono- and multiswitch architectures at surfaces (TP B 8)

Utilizing a synthetic approach, this project is devoted to correlate the chemical structure of simple molecular switches as well as covalent and non-covalent multiple switching systems with their respective switching behavior at surfaces. Fundamental questions relating to the mechanism of the switching process at the single molecule level and regarding the cooperativity in multiple switching processes in multiswitch architectures will be investigated in an intense collaboration with physical and theoretical groups in the Sfb 658, in particular TP A1 and A3.

Principal Investigators
Hecht, Stefan Prof. (Details) (Organic Chemistry and Functional Materials)

Participating external organizations

Duration of Project
Start date: 09/2007
End date: 06/2017

Research Areas
Natural Sciences

Research Areas
Organische Chemie und Funktionale Materialien

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