Identification of Epigenetic Modifications Affecting Fat Deposition and Body Fat Content in the Berlin Fat Mouse as a Model

The study aims at the identification of epigenetic modifications causing differences in fat content and distribution in the Berlin Fat Mouse (FBMI869) as a model animal. Genome-wide DNA methylation and gene expression patterns will be studied in combination with genetic fine mapping approaches. DNA methylation and gene expression studies in F1 animals of the reciprocal crosses (BFMI860xC57BL/6NCrl) are crucial for the discovery and initial mapping of parent-of-origin dependent and independent imprinting effects (iQTL). For fine-mapping of iQTLs and detecting positional genes influencing fat deposition, animals of an advanced intercross population originating from the initial cross between BFMI860 and C57BL76NCrl will be investigated. The model experiment in structured mouse populations allows the enlightenment of epigenetic modifications affecting traits of interest for animal breeding like intramuscular and bodily fat content.

Brockmann, Gudrun A. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. (Details) (Breeding Biology and Molecular Animal Breeding)

Duration of Project
Start date: 10/2012
End date: 11/2018

"Wagener A, Goessling HF, Schmitt AO, Mauel S, Gruber AD, Reinhardt R, Brockmann GA (2010) Genetic and diet effects on Ppar-α and Ppar-γ signaling pathways in the Berlin Fat Mouse Inbred line with genetic predisposition for obesity. Lipids in Health and Disease 9:99 Neuschl C, Hantschel C, Wagener A, Schmitt AO, llig T, Brockmann GA (2010) A unique genetic defect on chromosome 3 is responsible for juvenile obesity in the Berlin Fat Mouse. Int J Obes (Lond) 34:1706-1714 Widiker S, Kärst S, Wagener A, Brockmann GA (2010) High-fat diet feeding leads to a decreased methylation of Mc4r gene in the obese BFMI and the lean B6 mouse lines. J Appl Genet 51:193-197 Schmitt AO, Al-Hasani H, Cheverud JM, Pomp D, Bünger L, Brockmann GA (2007) Fine mapping of mouse QTLs for fatness using SNP data. Omics 11: 341-350 Bevova MR, Aulchenko YS, Aksu S, Renne U, Brockmann GA (2006) Chromosome-wise dissection of the genome of the extremely big mouse line DU6i. Genetics 172: 401-410 Mantey C, Brockmann GA, Kalm E, Reinsch N (2005) Mapping and exclusion mapping of genomic imprinting effects in mouse F2-families. J Heredity 96: 1-10"

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