Qualitätsanalyse Katholische Schule

During the two-year term of the project (2017-18), the current school inspection reports of all grammar schools under the auspices of the Archbishopric of Cologne will be analysed under the following questions: How do Catholic grammar schools as part of the educational landscape in NRW compare to state schools according to the criteria of quality analysis? Where do the strengths and fields of action of the Catholic Gymnasiums show, especially with regard to teaching and instruction development and their relationship to other quality areas? What differences in different quality areas can be seen between the individual schools? Where are the limits of QA in relation to the Catholic character of the schools? Furthermore, recommendations for the further development of quality analysis in the schools of the archdiocese are to be formulated.

Principal investigators
Koinzer, Thomas Prof. Dr. (Details) (Schulpädagogik)

Participating external organisations

Privat/ Mittelgeber alte Bundesländer

Duration of project
Start date: 01/2017
End date: 12/2019

Research Areas
Religiöse Gemeinschaften, Schule

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