SFB 1109/1: Molekulare Einblicke in Metalloxid-Wasser-Systeme: Strukturelle Evolution, Grenzflächen und Auflösung

The Collaborative Research Centre 1109 is an interdisciplinary research platform bringing together scientists from four universities and three non-university institutions. It comprises 18 research projects led by 23 principal investigators (PIs) with a diverse expertise in chemistry and physics. The research aims at a comprehensive understanding of the complex atomic scale processes underlying oxide formation, structural evolution and dissolution. Exemplarily, silica, alumina and iron oxides will be studied as metal oxides with the highest natural abundance and application relevance. In the long term the research results will be useful to reach a rational synthesis of oxides with desirable properties, such as stability towards corrosion.

Limberg, Christian Prof. Dr. (Details) (Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie I)

DFG: Sonderforschungsbereich

Projektstart: 04/2014
Projektende: 12/2017

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Molekülchemie, Naturwissenschaften

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