Event: Bernstein-Network Funding: Bernstein Sparks Workshop on Active Perceptual Memory

For decades, perceptual memory has been of outstanding interest for its fundamental contribution to intelligent behaviour and cognition. Today, the study of perceptual memory is possibly the most thriving field in cognitive neuroscience and intriguing, yet largely unaddressed interactions emerge at its frontier with another core brain function — the active control of movement. This workshop seeks to advance a new perspective on perceptual memory that considers the role of our actions fundamental to shaping what we remember and what we forget. A paradigm shift towards active behaviour has previously yielded tremendous progress in the study of sensory processing. Humans actively engage with their environment, selecting and executing actions according to their current goals. Converging evidence from psychophysics to single cell recording has shown that actions, such as targeted eye or limb movements, massively shape ongoing sensory processing, imposing major constraints on the brain’s functional architecture. Importantly, our sensory systems are equipped with a remarkable machinery to maintain representations of past sensory events on time-scales from milliseconds to a lifetime, a key prerequisite of higher cognitive functions. The goal of this workshop is to bring together recent developments in perceptual memory and active perception to capitalize on the numerous potential empirical and theoretical interfaces between these fields of research. We expect three major outcomes of this workshop: First, its dual focus will promote an impetus for an ecologically valid approach to understanding perceptual memory. Second, bringing together leading experts in experimental research and computational modelling will establish constraints on theories of sensory memory and identify missing experiments that may falsify existing accounts. Finally, focused tutorials will foster participants’ ability to approach critical questions from a computational perspective.

Principal Investigators
Rolfs, Martin Prof. Dr. (Details) (General Psychology - Active Perception and Cognition)

Duration of Project
Start date: 10/2015
End date: 12/2018

Research Areas
Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Areas
Kognitive Neurowissenschaft

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