Activation of SF6 at Rhodium Complexes

The project aims at the activation of SF6 at rhodium hydrido complexes. For the development of catalytic processes for the depletion of SF6, experiments in the presence of silanes, germanes, stannanes, boranes or H2 will be done. Concerning the S-F activation step at the rhodium hydrido compounds structure-reactivity relationships will be developed on the basis of the experimental studies and DFT calculations. To gain a deeper understanding on conceivable mechanisms of catalytic processes, it is envisaged to detect and characterize intermediates. Furthermore, reaction routes to remarkable rhodium complexes bearing SFx ligands (x = 1-5) will be realized, because it is anticipated that such compounds play a crucial role in the activation and derivatization of SF6.

Principal Investigators
Braun, Thomas Prof. Dr. (Details) (Inorganic Chemistry)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2016
End date: 12/2018

Research Areas
Anorganische Chemie

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