Development of an autonomously functioning system solution for the early detection of stress and pain conditions for horses based on a multifactorial analysis of vital parameters and behavioural patterns

The planned cooperation project deals with animal health using the example of horses. One of the central objectives is the early detection of physiological and/or psychological behavioural problems. In particular, a system is proposed which uses a multifactorial analysis in order to recognise pain, based on pain scores and consequently, to intervene in time. The aim of the project is therefore the development of a pain detection system for use in a horse box, which provides good conditions for monitoring animal behaviour. Stress and pain correlate with unusual behaviour, which differs from a healthy animal. The goal is to develop a pain score for horses based on objective data which will be generated automatically.

Reulke, Ralf Prof. Dr. (Details) (Computer Vision)

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

Duration of project
Start date: 06/2017
End date: 05/2020

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