EU: Enhancing VIsibility of the Academic DialogUe on EU-Turkey CooperaTion

EU-Turkey relations are a highly topical field of analysis: a ‘moving target’ creating considerable challenges for research, teaching and policy dialogues. Several interlinked crises in Turkey and the EU create a high demand for an academic network linking universities and think tanks from the EU and the neighbourhood building knowledge on this relationship.
VIADUCT, aiming at “Enhancing VIsibility of the Academic DialogUe on EU-Turkey CooperaTion”, lasts 3 years, involves 40 partners from 36 countries in the EU, Turkey, and the neighbourhood. It applies a comprehensive 4x4 approach to gathering information, exchanging best practices and promoting EU integration:

• 4 ‘I’-Strategy builds on Intergenerationality, Interdisciplinarity, Internationality and Intertemporality.
• 4 possible future scenarios of EU-Turkey relations frame research and teaching: (1) managing the status quo (2) upgrading existing forms of cooperation (3) reactivating the accession process (4) dealing with a difficult neighbour.
• 4 cross-sectorial issues integrate several disciplines and streamline the analysis: Power (Politics and Security), Resources (Economics and Energy), People (Migration and Identity) and EU’s Future (e.g. impact of ‘Brexit’ on EU-Turkey relations).
• 4 dimensions of activities target students, junior and senior researchers, policy makers and civil society with a diverse geographical and disciplinary background:

1. Face-to-face meetings during 3 VIADUCT Weeks: Academic Conferences, Informal Policy Debates, Master or PhD level seminars.
2. Online exchange and dissemination platforms – Website, 7 Webcasts, Social Media, Quarterly Newsletter.
3. Publications – Maps of research and teaching on EU-Turkey relations and Online Papers.
4. Multiplication – Teachers’ Training Seminar, 4 Research Awards, 3 Teaching Awards, 4 Public Debates, 12 Guest Lectures.

VIADUCT exploits relevant networks and research projects and extends their outreach into the teaching domain and beyond the EU.

Steinsdorff, Silvia von Prof. Dr. (Details) (Vergleichende Demokratieforschung und politische Systeme Osteuropas)

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