Simulation of the first two ferion families in lattice QCD with dynamical twised mass fermions

The aim of this research project is a realistic simulation of non-perturbative strong interaction physics in the framework of lattice QCD. Employing twisted mass fermions on a euclidean hypercubic space-time lattice, the project will use advanced Monte Carlo methods to evaluate the path integral of the theory non-perturbatively on multi-petaflop supercomputers. This will result in the generation of so-called gauge configurations with a statistical distribution given by the full QCD action. These configurations form the basis of any physical calculation in lattice QCD and have wide-ranging scientific applications. They can be employed in the study of such quantities as lowenergy constants for effective field theories, exotic baryon states, scattering lengths and decay widths, the anomalous muon magnetic moment, K- D- and B-physics and moments of parton distribution functions. In addition to providing gauge configurations, the project will result in the computation of the meson and baryon mass spectrum, the corresponding decay constants and the static quark-antiquark potential. For the first time, the calculations will be carried out directly at the physical point, thereby avoiding many of the theoretical and conceptual problems of extrapolations to realistic mass scales. In the course of the project, a number of algorithmic and conceptual developments have to take place and need to be tested. On the algorithmic level, it will be investigated whether inexact deflation and new integrators will really be beneficial. On the conceptual level, the tuning to the desired physical conditions is a challenge that has never been attempted before. The simulations will be a new landmark for lattice QCD simulations with a very high visibility in the international communities of high energy and nuclear physics. The program code and the resulting data will be made freely available to serve the wider scientific community and allow the computation of further physical parameters.

Principal Investigators
Müller-Preußker, Michael Prof. i. R. Dr. sc. nat. (Details) (Senior Professor and Professors retired)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2012
End date: 09/2015

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