Mussel-adhesion Derived Polymerization: From tyrosinase activated polymerization towards multifunctional polymers

Research objective of the proposal is the introduction of a novel class of macromonomers, which provides the possibility to exhibit a polymerization after being enzymatically activated. As a result of the enzyme activated polymerization, segmented copolymers with multifunctional character will be obtained. The polymerization process is derived from the fundamental cross-linking principle occurring in mussel adhesion processes. Similar chemistry that leads during byssus formation of marine mussels to cross-links between mussel foot proteins should be employed to generate linear polymers with repetitive monomer sequences.

Principal Investigators
Börner, Hans Prof. Dr. (Details) (Organic Synthesis of Functional Systems)

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2014
End date: 12/2017

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