Oxide nanostructures: growth, growth mechanisms and surface reactivity studied at mbar pressure by atomic layer deposition

This project focuses on the study of the growth mechanism and interfacial properties of metal oxide grown at mbar pressure range by self-limited surface reactions. The central question is the understanding of the structural evolution and the influence of surface species on metal oxides grown at mbar pressure. This will be achieved by developing deposition processes of various oxides of interest including silica, aluminosilicates and iron oxides on various substrates and the study of the surface reactivity and interfacial properties by in situ FT-IR. Stability and dissolution issues will be studied by in situ and ex situ techniques.

Principal Investigators
Pinna, Nicola Prof. Dr. (Details) (Inorganic Chemistry and Functional Materials)

Duration of Project
Start date: 04/2014
End date: 12/2017

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