HU Institutional Strategy: KOSMOS Summer University 2016 – Investigating Logistics

Focusing on the concept of “logistics”, the Summer University 2016 analyses the changing relationship between mobility, lifestyle and material/institutional infrastructure in the course of changing global structures of production and consumption. Logistics are therefore not only relevant in terms of cargo transportation, (labour) migration or the flow of information, they also affect forms of subjectivization: Logistical rationalities become increasingly important where the financialization of the economy meets the flexibilisation of lifestyles – and vice versa. The Summer University aims at discussing these global developments, evaluating the concepts and methods used in the corresponding academic fields and possibly laying the groundwork for a new field of research. Moreover, the Summer University builds upon and strengthens established interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The integration of Prof. Sandro Mezzadra as a Fellow in research and teaching will contribute to this process. Faculty members from our partner universities Bologna, Duke University and University of Western Sydney serve as international mentors for the student participants and their original research projects, within a framework of explorative and dialogue-based teaching and research methods. Cooperation with civil society organizations and cultural institutions (e.g. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Maxim Gorki Theater) guarantees a wider public audience. The Summer University’s outputs are designed to strengthen the academic profile of the applying early stage researcher and include two peer-reviewed articles, an edited volume and an international research proposal.

Principal investigators
ZUKO, 3. Säule (Details) (Präsidialbüro Internationales / 3. Säule)

DFG-Exzellenzinitiative: Zukunftskonzepte

Duration of project
Start date: 05/2015
End date: 12/2016

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