Berlin Institute for Public Theology (BIPT) - Opening Conference: What is Public Theology?, June 21/22, 2017

The BIPT opening conference tackles the question of the nature of public theology in contrasting the various disciplinary, positional, religious, denominational and international perspectives.
The conference aims at contributing to the discourse on Public Theology by presenting, reflecting, and acting out a discursive conception of Public Theology, thus enriching its formal specification and concrete work on ethical issues.

Principal investigators
Meireis, Torsten Prof. Dr. (Details) (Systematic Theology Specializing in Ethics and Hermeneutics)

Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Duration of project
Start date: 06/2017
End date: 06/2017

Research Areas
Political Science, Protestant Theology, Theology

Research Areas
Evangelische Ethik, Öffentliche Theologie

Torsten Meireis, Rolf Schieder (Eds.) (2017): "Religion and Democracy: Studies in Public Theology", Baden-Baden: Nomos.

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