Functional Genomics of Cherry Leaf Roll Virus (CLRV) and Molecular Analyses of Finnish Virus Variants

Cherry leaf roll virus (CLRV) is a subgroup C Nepovirus (family Comoviridae) with a bipartite ss (+)RNA genome, which we have recently completely sequenced. Apart from the viral coat protein, functional characterization of CLRV-encoded gene products or processing of the encoded polyprotein precursors (RNA1 encoded P1 and RNA2 encoded P2) by the putative viral proteinase (Pro) has never been achieved and is therefore a main research topic of this proposal. Furthermore, functional analyses of CLRV-encoded genes which exhibit no similarity to any characterized protein available in the databases are intended, in order to contribute to our general knowledge of nepovirus’ gene functions. The virus infects many woody and several herbaceous species and is widespread in temperate regions. The proposed study will include genetic and serological characterization of Finnish CLRV variants, which could be associated with a recent epidemic impairing several important birch species all over the country. In parallel, population structure of the virus infecting Finnish birch trees will be analyzed, because initial investigations showed that CLRV from Finnish origins represent atypical sequence variants. This will facilitate the correlation of the molecular traits with serological data and the disease symptoms observed in Finland which may contribute to the substantial evaluation of the severe disease situation.

Principal investigators
Bargen, Susanne von Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Phytomedicine)
Büttner, Carmen Prof. Dr. agr. (Details) (Phytomedicine)

DFG: Sachbeihilfe

Duration of project
Start date: 11/2011
End date: 05/2016

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