CRC 1265/1: The Borders of the World: Processes of De- and Rebordering in a Global Perspective (SP C01)

The project “The Borders of the World: Processes of De- and Rebordering in a Global Perspective” (C01) is part of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1265 “Re-Figuration of Space”. In the project, Prof. Dr. Steffen Mau and his colleagues analyse territorial borders between different nation-states.
In contrast to earlier assumptions of globalization literature, which expected debordering and a diminishing role of borders, the project conceptualizes borders as physical and material barriers. This conceptualization makes it possible to analyse how border infrastructures affect the appropriation of space, the organization of territoriality, and the mobility of individuals. In this perspective, rebordering and re-figuration are intertwined. The project applies a comparative perspective in order to survey the material and physical qualities of land border of nation-states. We expect that differing border configurations lead to varying relations of space and spatial stabilization.
The project aims at surveying all land borders between nation-states. A systematic typology of borders will include borders without barriers, borders with punctual controls and patrols, and those that feature significant fences and walls with barbed wire. On the basis of this taxonomy, case studies on borders that are highly fortified and militarized will be conducted. The qualitative part of the study is meant to provide in-depth insights on the factors driving the fortification and militarization of borders as well as their effect on border crossings, interactions and mobility.

Principal Investigators
Mau, Steffen Prof. Dr. (Details) (Macro Sociology)

Participating external organizations

Duration of Project
Start date: 01/2018
End date: 12/2021

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Research Areas
Social Sciences, Sociological Theory

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