OPTOBRAIN – Innovative Optogenetics for Research and Translational Brain Applications

The basic principle underlying optogenetics is the introduction of genes encoding light-sensitive ion channels into excitable cells, such as neurons using gene transfer technology. Optogenetics thus requires a multidisciplinary approach including: – Transfer of genes into the brain using viral vectors – Development of novel light activatable proteins – Stereotactic neurosurgery to deliver the viral vectors at a specific location in the brain – (fiber) Optics to specifically modulate the transduced cells – Electrophysiology to record the induced activation/inhibition of transduced cells and their circuitry) in cell culture, in brain slices and/or in animal brain. The project is gathering a consortium of 8 partners from academia and Imec with technological expertise in one of these fields and/or with an immediate scientific interest in applying optogenetics to brain research. In parallel, we carefully explored the scientific interest and valorisation potential of optogenetics for Flemish industry. Six partners from biotech/pharma and industry expressed a profound interest.

Hegemann, Peter Peter Hegemann Prof. Dr. Dr. (Details) (Experimentelle Biophysik)

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Projektstart: 11/2011
Projektende: 10/2015

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