Event: Conference “Strangers and Others: The Contemporary Challenges of Identity and Migration”

Recent increasing migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe in general and to Germany has exacerbated already existing frictions in law, politics, religion and culture. Much of the public discussion of these tensions revolves around the concepts of identity and dealing with "the Other". On one hand, continuing to insist on liberal "universalist" theories has proved insufficient. On the other hand, the recently emerging nationalist approaches can bring significant dangers.
This conference will bring together Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars. The speakers will use religious, philosophical, scientific and legal sources to explore approaches to the contemporary tensions in law, religion and culture connected to the increasing migration in the West. Considering that a high proportion of the nowadays migrants that are coming to Europe are from a Muslim background, this conference is meant to answer to the following questions and many others.
Can a community that practices a traditional form of religion that rejects secularity find a dynamic place in a Western society without compromising its faith commitments and if so, how? Can a Western society accept a community that practices a traditional religion that rejects secularity without compromising its secular-liberal identity and if so, how?

Principal investigators
Heger, Martin Prof. Dr. (Details) (Criminal Law / Criminal Procedural Law / European Criminal Law and Modern Law History)
Blanchard, Tsvi Prof. Dr. Rabbi (Details) (Honorary Chairs / Professors by Special Appointment / Part-Time Lecturers)

Further project members
Wittmer, Sylvia LL.M. Nottingham (Conference: Strangers and Others: The Contemporary Challenges of Identity and Migration)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin
Faculty of Law (OKZ: 1000)

Sonstige Stiftungen

Duration of project
Start date: 03/2017
End date: 08/2019

Research Areas
Social Sciences

Research Areas
Integration, Migration, Integrationspolitik, Jüdisches Recht

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