DFG-Research Centre "Mathematics for key technologies - MATHEON": Current mathematics at school (TP Z 1.1)

One of the major concerns of application area G is to bring modern mathematics and its real-world applications such as they are treated in Matheon into the classrooms of Berlin's (high) schools. Especially, the stochastics education at Berlin's high schools (gymnasia) was very unsatisfactory in the past. The main goal of project G2 is to overcome this unsatisfactory situation by substantially improving the stochastics education at Berlin's high schools. This main goal contains as subgoals a structural change of the mathematics curricula with respect to the stochastics education, a mathematical-didactical conception for the addenda of the new stochastics education, and a conception for a corresponding teachers' training program providing support to implement our new approach at schools.

Principal Investigators
Kramer, Jürg Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Research Centre 86 'Mathematics for Key Technologies: Modelling / Simulation and Optimization of Real-World Processes')

Duration of Project
Start date: 06/2002
End date: 05/2014

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