Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development in Times of Crisis. Critical Engagements from a Gender Perspective (Event: 26.01.2013, Berlin)

Problems of food insecurity and food crises are inextricably linked to other mutually reinforcing crises such as economic, financial, environmental crises as well as armed conflicts. This conference deals with issues of food security and sustainable rural development against the background of these multiple crises. The aim is to critically discuss existing concepts of agricultural and environmental studies from a feminist socio-ecological perspective. We will adopt the gender perspective to examine the question: How do we have to rethink and reshape the interrelationship between the formal economic sphere, the unpaid reproductive sphere and the environment in the context of different crises in rural spaces?

Principal investigators
Bauhardt, Christine Prof. Dr. phil. (Details) (Gender and Globalisation, particularly with regard to Transformation Processes in Rural Area)

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Duration of project
Start date: 12/2012
End date: 05/2013

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