RG 1493/2: Integrated Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics with Defect Centers in Nanodiamonds

The work aims at making a significant step towards elements for optical quantum information processing. Defect centers in nano-crystalline diamond serve as individual quantum systems providing photons and spin degrees of freedom that can be coupled and manipulated on integrated on-chip quantum circuits. We propose to:
• push the ultimate purity limit of single-photons from defect centers in diamond nano-crystals and efficiently couple them to integrated on-chip quantum circuits,
• perform first on-chip quantum gates employing two-photon quantum interference,
• perform quantum control of few-photon light and optical read-out of single defect centers in strongly confined optical fields,
• exploit integrated nanophotonics for high-fidelity initialisation, manipulation, and single shot read-out of the defect center’s spin degree of freedom.
Apart from applications in linear optical quantum computing (LOQC), our results will also pave the way towards integrated experiments with entangled electron spins of NV-centers on a chip. Such experiments require efficient spin control and read-out techniques.

Principal investigators
Benson, Oliver Prof. Dr. rer. nat. (Details) (Experimental Physics / Nanooptics)

Participating external organisations

DFG: Forschergruppen

Duration of project
Start date: 12/2014
End date: 11/2017

Research Areas
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

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