Ko-WADiS — Kompetenzmodellierung und -erfassung zum Wissenschaftsverständnis über naturwissenschaftliche Arbeits- und Denkweisen bei Studierenden (Lehramt) in den drei naturwissenschaftlichen Fächern Biologie, Chemie und Physik

In cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin, IQB Berlin, University of Vienna, and University of Innsbruck, project KO-WADIS evaluates the scientific literacy of Bachelor and Master students in teacher education (biology, chemistry, and physics). At the Berlin universities, all students will be tested twice during the undergraduate studies (B.Sc.) as well as during the postgraduate studies (M.Ed.). Sample size is 1.900 undergraduate and 900 postgraduate students. The main goal of the study is to observe and describe the growth and development of scientific reasoning and epistomological beliefs during the period of academic teacher education.

Principal Investigators
Pant, Hans Anand Prof. Dr. (Details) (Institute for Quality Management in Education)

Duration of Project
Start date: 11/2011
End date: 10/2015

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