SP: Diaspora-Migration-Transnationality (Focus: Latin America)

A subproject of the ZJS on the transcultural history of Judaism with a focus on Latin America. The research will be on Jewish history, culture and literature in Romance-speaking countries (focus “Global South”). It takes up a movement within Judaism which, starting in Berlin and Breslau in the 19th century, had an impact on the religious self-understanding of Judaism in the Americas. From there, it has an impact on Jewish Studies in Germany today. Jewish cultural transfer and transnational networks also have an impact in the political-secular sphere. Specific forms of resistance to totalitarian regimes in Latin America owed their existence to this, which will be examined in greater detail.

Principal investigators
Feierstein, Liliana Ruth Prof. Dr. (Details) (Transcultural History of Judaism)
Feierstein, Liliana Ruth Prof. Dr. (Details) (Transcultural History of Judaism)

Participating organisational units of HU Berlin


Duration of project
Start date: 04/2017
End date: 09/2022

Research Areas
History, Modern and Current History

Research Areas
Jüdische Studien, Migration und Integration

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