RTG 1939/1: Philosophy, Science and the Sciences: The Dialogue Among Different Forms and Models of Knowledge Ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic Thought

This Research Training Group focuses on the dialogue between different forms and models of knowledge in ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic philosophy and science. Special attention is given to the interface between philosophy and the special sciences, including both the explicit views of ancient thinkers about it and also their actual practice of dealing with the interface between philosophy and the special sciences. We consider it an innovative strength of the program to integrate these dimensions: both the theoretical reflection on the relationship of philosophy and science and actual scientific and philosophical practice; both from the perspective of philosophy and from the perspective of special sciences: both from the perspective of ancient thinkers and from the perspective of contemporary philosophy.Further important innovations of our interdisciplinary program are: coverage of the whole of ancient philosophy and science including an emphasis on later antique thought, including Plotinus and also the entire ancient Greek and early Christian tradition down to Simplicius and Philoponus; inclusion of the subsequent Arabic tradition; and connections with medieval, Renaissance and contemporary philosophy. The program brings together philosophers, classicists, Arabists and historians of science.The Qualification Program aims at developing doctoral candidates into full-fledged junior researchers and is designed to prepare candidates early and intensively for their next steps after the doctorate. The curriculum is based on research seminars, and doctoral colloquia. We provide intensive advising of graduate students within the context of a flourishing and supportive community. The program is strongly international. Most doctoral students spend time at a university abroad and many have an external advisor. The program brings distinguished international scholars to Berlin every semester. Our students benefit from the unique resources for ancient studies in Berlin (such as the Cluster of Excellence Topoi and the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies). We have a proven record of helping our students to complete their doctorates and placing them in excellent positions.

Beere, Jonathan Prof. Dr. (Details) (Philosophy in Antiquity and History of Knowledge)

DFG: Graduiertenkollegs

Duration of project
Start date: 10/2014
End date: 12/2019

Research Areas
Arabistik, Klassische Philologie, Philosophie, Wissenschaftsgeschichte

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